Migrating from Greece, we bring you the taste of tradition straight  from Greece to your neighborhood. At Covo, our guests will experience mouth-watering authentic flavors of this Greek family-run cuisine. Our family has perfected the recipes over decades in making Gyros and many other Greek street food recipes.

We specialize in authentic Greek style plates, from hand stacked handmade Gyros made fresh every day, to traditional Greek dishes such as Pastitstio, Skepasti, and Spanakopita.  All of our dishes are homemade Greek family recipes.  We also offer other delicious modern Greek dishes such as our Greek Olympus Burger made with our homemade burgers.


We take great pride in our Ingredients, Quality, and Authenticity.

Gyros is a genuine Greek cultural treasure. A grilled pita piled high with all-natural meat, veggies and coupled with fresh tzatziki. It's street-wise and synonymous with the simple, laid-back mood of the Mediterranean.


COVO prepares this classic wrap with Handstacked Gyros , house-made pitas and fresh toppings. It takes extra time to hand pack and slow roast each spit, but we think you'll agree, it's worth it! You don't have to fly to Greece when there is a Covos down the street!


COVO takes pride in only serving meat and poultry that are anti-biotic / hormone- free. Our vendors practice humane treatment in raising livestock, which are all vegetarian fed. The ranchers and farmers we partner with additionally practice sustainability of their land.


Thank you for visiting our website and for your business, we look forward to your next visit!

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